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New store
în Radauti

S-a deschis un magazin nou, pe strada Calea Bucovinei in incinta Penny Market, în Radauti
You will be able to find fresh and tasty meats from the main categories, more precisely from boiled salami, raw-dried, sausages, sausages, hams, and paris, to specialties and smoked products.


  • Product range
Rustic Products
Rustic products with local specific characteristics, made by traditional production methods (dry/wet salting) with smoking in traditional cells with wood and beech powder, without injection and addition of food additives.
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Ham and Rolls
Ham and Roulades: Pork ham, Beef ham, Chicken ham, Prague ham, Tourist ham, York ham, Chicken breast roulade, Strasbourg, etc.
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Cooked and smoked specialities: Tenderloin, smoked neck, smoked breast, rustic ham, bacon, Montana tenderloin, pork pastrami, beef pastrami, chicken pastrami, etc.
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Fresh Meat
Fresh meat: rustic baloney, chicken baloney, pork frankfurters, chicken frankfurters, etc.
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Raw dried Hardic salami, raw dried German salami, Bucharest salami, Champion salami, Homemade salami, pork salami, summer salami, Dumbrava salami, rustic salami, Victoria salami, etc
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Smoked products
Products preserved by cooking and smoked: smoked hock, smoked rib, smoked bones, pork smoked feet, etc.
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Cabanos, Debrecen sausages, Rose sausage, pork sausage, Harghita sausage, etc.
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Pre-cooked and products for grill
Minced meat, prepared meat, mici, fresh sausages, sausages for grill.
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  • About us

Killer Company

Killer is one of the largest companies in the meat production industry in Romania and the main producer in Bucovina, keeping a well-respected place among the national sausage producers.
We keep our promises to customers from Romania as well as abroad by delivering high-quality products and services, with fresh and tasty meats from the main categories, more precisely from boiled salami, raw-dried, sausages, sausages, hams, and paris, to specialties and smoked products.
Since 1995, CEO Alexandru Scheul has put together a company with over 250 employees and a daily production capacity of 15 tons which brings 15 million euros in profit, without distributing to supermarkets. It currently has over 17 stores in Iaşi, Suceava 


Botosani and Neamt and is one of the main distributors in the whole country. Our awareness regarding the impact of industrial production on the environment has lead us to invest in equipment that has low energy and water consumption. We believe in ethical and sustainable farming and place great emphasis on the provenance of all our products.
We set ourselves ambitious but achievable goals, following first-class European standards, processes, and procedures, measuring and monitoring the state of our production, making sure is in line with other aspects of our activities.
For 25 years, we have been sharing joy with family and friends, at school, at work, or home with traditional Romanian dishes that keep their great taste and superior quality.

  • The locations of our stores


Check our locations in Suceava
- Mun. Suceava, Bulevardul George Enescu
- Mun. Suceava, str. Bistritei
- com. Horodnic de Jos, nr. 2B
- Siret, str. Alexandru cel Bun nr. 10
- Mun. Suceava, Iulius Mall
- Radauti, Piata Unirii nr. 5
- Radauti, str. Calea Bucovinei
- Mun. Suceava, Shopping City-Carrefour
- Mun. Suceava, Piata Mare
- Radauti, str. Mihai Viteazu nr. 4


Check our locations in Iasi
- Alexandru cel Bun, Iasi
- Bulevardul Stefan cel Mare si Sfânt, nr. 16, Iasi
- Centrul Comercial Felicia, Iasi


Check our locations in Botosani
- Botosani, Uvertura Mall
- Botosani, Shopping Center
  • Killer Distribution
Fresh meat products are transported in the safest hygienic and sanitary conditions, so that the products are as fresh as possible when they will arrive to our partners from all over the country, or even from Europe.
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